Installing phpBB

I am new to this board and would appreciate some assistance in setting up a new functionality on a site.

I am attempting to install phpBB for a client of mine and am having difficulties in even getting a download I can work with. I am unable to open any of the PictureIt files (receiving the usual “helpful” Microsoft error message “An Error Occurred - Unable to open file.” Thank you, Mr. Gates.) and can find no code of any sort that would support the BB.

I have viewed the Install movie from the phpBB home site and everything seems quite straightforward, but I am having “no joy” in getting this process to work. Am I missing something here?

Any guidance and suggestions that anyone can offer would be MOST APPRECIATED! I am not particularly “technically inclined” so please keep that in mind if you respond. Thanks!

P.S. - I also posted this reqest on the “Third Party” forum.