Installing PHP5


I needed to have latest Ming library, so I had to install custom PHP install, so I followed Installing PHP5 ( guide, and I got it to to work.

But now I’m starting to think that there might be a security issues with the way things are set up. I installed everything in /home/my_username/ since that is how the wiki told me to do it, but I’m wondering if I should have installed stuff into /home/my_username/ so that all the files are not exposed through the web server. I wonder if I can just move the files, or should I repeat the installation process? Or is it ok the way things are?

Any kind of advice will be highly appritiated, I would really like to hear some opinions before I start breaking things :]

Thank you,


You’d be better off having the PHP install outside of your domain directory. There’s no need to have all the files accessible through the web.

The prefix and lib directories get compiled in to the php binary, so you’d probably be best off recompiling if you want to move your installation.


Cool, thanks for the tip