Installing php4 for use with Gallery2

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okay, I’ll try to keep to as concise and too the point as possible.
please bear with me, i not a programer or sys admin person.

I’m trying to setup Gallery2 for use with one of my websites -
I got it installed, and working, but the problem im running into is that it has a 8MB upload limit on file size. Apparently, that has something to
do with the PHP.INI file and you need to modify it to fix the problem.

On dreamhost, the only way to modify you PHP.INI file is to install your
own copy of PHP. so, thats what i did using these instructions here:
it seemed to install okay, nothing seems broken after the install.

now, my questions:

  1. i have 3 domains at dreamhost. when i configured the install script for PHP4 i used “Domain_1” - is there anyway to modify my PHP installation so copy of PHP applies to all my domains
    (eg. Domain_2 and _3)?? or does it already control them by default???
    or do i need to repeat that process for each domain I where I want to use my own PHP???

  2. where do i find the php.ini file that needs to be modified - i searched
    through the folders of the PHP installation, but i cant find it. maybe someone who already knows where it is can help me out.

FYI, heres the Gallery2 info about changing the php.ini file:

thank you for you help!
i really need it :slight_smile: