Installing php extension for mongodb


I am trying to install php extension for MongoDB as explained here -

I tried installing using pecl - “pecl install mongo” and it threw up
errors. So I tried installing using source. The source was downloaded
here -

It installed and I copied to /usr/lib/php5/20060613 and made an
php.ini entry in /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini and restarted httpd

But the extension isn’t getting loaded.


Error Text with pecl:
ps34039:~# pecl install mongo
downloading mongo-1.2.2.tgz …
Starting to download mongo-1.2.2.tgz (75,287 bytes)
…done: 75,287 bytes
28 source files, building
running: phpize
Configuring for:
PHP Api Version: 20041225
Zend Module Api No: 20060613
Zend Extension Api No: 220060519
shtool at ‘/tmp/pear/temp/mongo/build/shtool’ does not exist or is not
Make sure that the file exists and is executable and then rerun this