Installing PHP 5 Custom Build. Need Help!


I’m attempting to install a custom version of php5 on my dreamhost account.

I’m following the instructions outlined in the dreamhost wiki.

however I keep getting errors.

Has anyone successfully attempted this?

do i install it in the root of my account? or do i install it in the folder of the domain i want to use it with?

in the script that i run in SSH. It asks you to include the domain that you want to install it for. what if i have multiple domains?

any advice or help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Why are feeling the need to install a custom version of PHP5? I only ask as, from the questions you are asking, the processes involved seem to be “new” to you and (while there is certainly nothing wrong with that :slight_smile: ), installing a “custom” version of PHP could result in some very “ill advised” configuration settings for use on a shared server.

The info in the wiki article does work; maybe one of the reason you have not yet received a response to your post is that more expert users are hesitant to help you do this unless they know what it is you are actually trying to “customize”.

Just a thought…