Installing PHP 5.2.3

I’m trying to install PHP 5.2.3 using the instructings from

I’m using the ‘alternate’ install script after having problems with the original. Everything seems to go fine up until the following stage:

— Building PHP 5 —

After ‘Making’ has been displayed, Putty just display a prompt and no error message.

Does anyone know why it might be stopping at this stage? The lack of error message is a little odd. :frowning:

It sounds like perhaps the script was killing by procwatch. I’ve had that happen only once before, but it didn’t display any error as in your situation - it just died, heh.

You might wish to try the development script posted here.
Otherwise… I’m not sure what to suggest. If your server’s load is really high I can see procwatch killing the install, or if your user-space is using up nearly all of its memory already, I can see it happening because of that as well.

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