Installing Perl 5.10.1/Catalyst 5.8.0011

I am trying to install the latest version (5.80011) of Catalyst into my Dreamhost account. I’ve been able to run previous versions of Catalyst on Dreamhost, but I’m having trouble with this new version. According to the latest changelog ( the minimum required perl version is 5.8.6 but Dreamhost’s default installed version is only perl 5.8.4. I’ve been successful in following the instructions here:, to compile perl 5.8.9. However, when I followed the instructions here to install Catalyst, I wasn’t able to install DBIx::Class to complete the installation of Catalyst.

Has anyone been successful in upgrading Perl and installing and running the latest version of Catalyst? If there’s any more detail about my problem that you need, please let me know and I’ll be glad to provide it.

Thanks for your help