Installing Pear with Custom PHP5?

I’ve complied php5 for use of e-groupware.

I have not been able to get pear to work per the wiki instructions.

Any Ideas?

Did you ever find an answer?

If you compiled php5 using the instructions here: then you compiled without pear. I’m not sure why they enable --without-pear in that script.

If you recompile but remove the --without-pear directive from the script, then you can use pear. However, you need to fix a few paths in the php.ini for the site using the custom php5.

nano php5/etc/php5/yourdomain/php.ini
Add or modify the following line:
include_path = ".:/home/username/php5/lib/php"
Close and Save

Then you can install pear modules into the custom php5 using:
~/php5/bin/pear install -o --alldeps PEAR Log

(I think eGroupWare only requires the PEAR and Log modules.)

I am working on a HowTo for this and will add it to the wiki when I’ve got the kinks out.