It would be fantastic if there were a “one-click install” option for

It’s a great web-based project management tool, I would love to use with the dreamhost services.

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Totally seconded.

DotProject kinda drives me nuts, but OpenProject looks like it’s pretty much a rock-em-sock-em-rootin’-tootin’ ace of an app!

So, I’ve learned a little more…

If you are on shared hosting, some of the instructions (such as groupadd) will not work from the shell.

I suppose it might be possible to switch to a VPS, wait a day, do the install, and then switch back to shared hosting, but dang, I dunno.

I would be happy as a clam if it was added as a one-click, but someone from Support said that there are no plans to add any more one-clicks (sad face!) soon.

However, I would ALSO be pretty happy if there was a step-by-step for installing it yourself. I don’t mind doing that – I just don’t know enough about the system to know what I can or can’t do and what may or may not screw things up.

Hey Dreamhost – I adore you folks and would love to see something this useful added as a One-Click install.

(I admit – I’m selfish – I would like to use OpenProject instead of DotProject very much!)

What would help that?

Just hoping against hope that there is hope for this!

Would this help?

Looks like a new package installer. Makes it even easier, yes?
My mistake – openproj is NOT the same as OpenProject.

OpenProject is what I would love-love-love-LOVE to see as a one-click install!

And it’s soon to be offered as a stack on bitnami…

I can third the request for I just got it setup internally on an Ubuntu server for work, but I would love to be able to use it personally from my Dreamhost account. Agreed that if you have a VPS with full access, you can install it, but it would be absolutely awesome if it was a OneClick install for those of us on a shard hosting package.

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I tried that, but dang, OP’s “official” install is a BEAR! And even if I DID have a VPS and install it, switching my account back to shared hosting would destroy my install. :frowning:

I’ve been able to easily install it on my local machine by using the Bitnami package, which is a SNAP:

The question is (and hey, Dreamhost, this is also a question for you!): Can the Bitnami installer be used to install this onto a shared hosting site?

No. The Bitnami installer is a packaged virtual machine which has already had the necessary software installed on it. It cannot be used to install the software on a shared hosting account.

Generally speaking, the requirements of this software do not appear to be compatible with shared hosting; you’ll need a VPS to run it. Sorry!