Installing One-Click into root folder



Im trying to install wordpress (and have also tried Joomla) into my hosting.

However the page always asks for a folder after the address.

Eg or

I want to install to root so that you just enter and it loads the website, but the one click installer must have the extra folder ><

I must be missing something, when I left it blank the install failed.



I always leave it blank. However, if you already have files in your root directory, the install will fail. The destination has to be completely empty.




Thanks for the reply.

Problem is, the only files inside the root folder are:

And thats it…

If I delete those 2 files and then shift all the files from the sub root folder to the root folder, will this work fine or will I need to mod some files/sql db’s for this?



Moving a one-click installation breaks the one-click upgrade option. It’s best to fix this problem rather than create another. Delete those two files and everything else, including subdirectories. Then try the One-Click installation. If it still doesn’t work, submit a ticket to Support and let us know how it goes.




That worked, we are now 100% up and running!

Gotta say we have hit heaps of walls with getting our hosting sorted, was all our own lack of knowledge and the way we were previously hosted but they got us there in the end.

Loving the panel and how quick the servers are etc!

Thanks Dreamhost! will be letting people know where to host as I come across them!


There is a bit of a learning curve, but I attribute that to the amount of power the user gets. We basically have shell accounts, plus handy utilities in the panel. Once you figure the mechanics, it’s pretty smooth sailing.