Installing Node.js on VPS, troubleshooting

hello everybody, first time posting here. i’m the owner of a VPS and i’m at the moment installing node.js on my server.

The usual installation process is really easy, i’ve done it on my local debian distro in less than 2 minutes. On the Dreamhost server i’m having some issues i’m not really sure how to deal with.

The installation process is just:

make install

Straight right? Wrong.

First the ./configure command was not working with my admin account, than i modified rights on the executable:
chmod +x config

and now when running it i get this error:

[ps13497]$ ./configure ./configure: line 19: /home/jacoponardiello/node-v0.2.6/tools/waf-light: Permission denied

Any idea how to solve?


For those of us attempting the same… your one liner of solved is VERY unhelpful, especially since its the top google result for the issue.

Could you provide some details on how you solved it.

Well I had the same problem (/waf-light: Permission denied), but my problem was basicly that my NODEJS folder was inside a virtual disk; and the virtual disk and the mount disk no can located a BIN programs for default or maybe you not have permission in parent folder (check this with CHMOD command). For do this you need do something that I don’t know :(, whatever, I only moved the NODEJS folder to a folder of my system (/home/myuser/here/for/example) and re-executed the CONFIGURE. But for more information you can see the instalation guide, but if you only need reinstall NODEJS, only run this (of course remember move your folder to folder that you have permission):

make install

well, bye.

I solved it asking the support to upgrade my debian system to latest stable version. Dreamhost, for some weird reason, are still running the old one.

Ask them to put lenny on you vps and you’ll be able to run node properly.