Installing NetPBM - newbie help

Ok, so I’m trying to make use of a NetPBM function called “pamscale”. Turns out that Dreamhost’s version of NetPBM is 6 yrs old and doesn’t contain this function. They’ve told me that the only option is for me to install and build the new version of NetPBM under my user on the server.

I am mostly a front-end programmer, so the details of installation and compiling are confusing. Has anyone had luck installing NetPBM and is willing to walk me through the steps? I’m willing to learn, but just need some guidance.


I’ve never had to do it on DH yet. But this explains how to install a completely different program on DH. The thing is, some of it will apply to yours as well. - that explains the basic install process of a NetPBM install. You’ll need to mix and match with some stuff from the FFmpeg one above. mainly on the configure, --prefix=$HOME --enable-cross-compile --enable-shared should be the jist of it. I’ve never installed NetPBM that i can remember, so im not sure on that working or not.

for the subversion part of the install, you have 2 routes, Advanced or Stable.
svn checkout netpbm
replace advanced with stable on preference. - that can lead you into most of it. They might be able to explain it better there then I can here. But that should cover it. (ffmpeg gives you the rough outline of installing your own programs, the install tells you how to run a basic netpbm install and the svn you need to download the latest source)

Hope that helps a bit,

–John V