Installing my own Spamassassin


I have seen some tutorials of how to install my own spamassassin (and i guess, finally getting a decent Junk Folder accessable by Roundcube or any other webmail).

Like this one or

But it seens that i have to install on every home of all users (right?).

Is there a way to install only once because i have some several users and it would be hard to install for all of them.


I have SpamAssassin installed once per account. The other users on the account are able to access it through their .procmailrc files, presumably because they have the same group ID, even though they have their own home directories.

Sorry, i guess i didn’t understand what you told me.

Do you mean that you install spamassassin on an user (let’s call him “testing”, on /home/testing) from a web id and all the other users from the web id can use this spamassassin?

Example: if i create a new user /home/testing22/ and add a domain called on it. When i add some mail accounts on this domain i will be able to use the spamassassin that /home/testing installed?