Installing my own OS on the VPS, and creating a website on the same VPS


as i mentioned in the title, i have my costume OS which i want to install on the VPS instead of the Ubunto you give me, well i didn’t bought the VPS plan but i am asking this before i purchase, that was my first question. Well, my second question, if i am able to install my own OS on the VPS, am i able to make a website on the same VPS?, and if i can, how can i upload my websites’ files?, through traditional filezilla way or there are more steps to take?. My last question is can i upload online multiplayer browser and non-browser games scripts and servers on the VPS?.

Installing your own operating system on DreamHost VPS is not recommended. DreamCompute may be more appropriate for your needs.

If you do decide to install your own operating system, whether on DreamHost VPS or DreamCompute, you will need the appropriate knowledge to manage this system yourself, as it will no longer be controllable by the DreamHost Panel. In particular, you will no longer be able to add domains to the web server configuration using the Panel. If you are not familiar with server administration, you are probably best off sticking with our default Ubuntu install.

well, my game requires an OS called freebsd, hmmm so should i go with dreamcompute service?, and if so, can i still manage the OS i installed on the dreamcompute using putty?
well, i just need something like an online virtual machine

i dont want to get you down, but from your questions, i dont think you are ready for managing a vps completely on your own. but, you probably dont need to. chances are any webserver scripts will run. you might need to change some syntax, but *bsd’s are usually fairly interchangeable with *nix’s.