Installing Moodle 2 to DH via CVS Help



I’m sorry but I am truly hoping someone could set me straight here. I built a Moodle 2 theme/site on my Mac localhost with the intent of testing it live on my Dreamhost account. Problem is, I just don’t understand CVS and how to properly install it and make it work successfully on my DH server. It’s my impression that CVS is the way to go here.

Once I install Moodle, I would replace with my theme and config files.

I looked on the wiki page:, but I couldn’t understand how to make it work. Do I have to download a 4.1 GB Xcode file for my Snow Leopard to run the CVS install code, or is there another quicker way? I also noticed on a thread and on DH’s page that Moodle 2x on DH is problematic. Is this still the case? Any help or advice in that regard would also be appreciated.

Much thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


I did a “how to” for myself (so I could remember the steps). This might help: