Installing Modules Help Please

Is it possible to install apache modules on my server. Specifically mod_auth_mysql?

I’m not a programmer and I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out how to install this. I did figure out that with a VPS I should be able to install the module I think.

I turned off dreamhost managed server as the dreamhost wiki stated I needed to do. I’m not able to access the httpd.conf file through my sftp client as it says my admin user is denied. I’m able to access /dh/apache2 but not the next directory /dh/apache2/apache2-psXXXXX/

Dreamhost’s support team responded to me about accessing the file with:

It looks like the admin user you’re using is correct. If you’re trying to
edit the httpd.conf file, you will have to use sudo to access the file:

sudo vi /dh/apache2/apache2-psXXXXX/etc/httpd.conf

vi or nano should work to edit the httpd.conf file.

I really need this to work for my company’s website that I’ve had to recently move and take over the responsibilities for.

Most of this is very new to me and everything I learn is through googling terms and trying to figure out how it all works.

Am I just wasting my time on trying to install the module?

If it is possible to install I would appreciate it if someone could give me details on how to do it.


Nobody can help on this?

Not if what you really want to do is to install the module. :wink:

Maybe if we knew why you wanted to install the module, we could give you more information or point you in a better direction.

There is a link on the website that brings up a log in. The user name and password is stored in an access database. In order for the the link to work I have to have the module mod_auth_MySQL installed.

Can anyone help me on this?

I’m still looking for help on this.

I was able to install the mod_auth_mysql but I can’t change the httpd.conf file to add the LoadModule.

I’ve accessed the httpd.conf file at: /dh/apache2/apache2-ps######/etc/httpd.conf

It seams to be empty and it won’t let me save any changes.

I’ve also accessed the httpd.conf file at /usr/local/dh/apache2/template/etc/httpd.conf

This file has LoadModule info in it. I tried adding: LoadModule mysql_auth_module modules/

It won’t let me save changes to the file stating “access denied”

Really could use help on this. Thanks!