Installing Mephisto on Dreamhost

I’ve been through the instructions here three times but always the same result. When I go to the site it just displays a list of files in the public directory. When I go to a admin I get a 404 error message.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong?

I’m responding to this post about 9 months after it was posted, but am doing so in case others are looking for similar information. It sounds like you didn’t adjust your root web directory location within your Dreamhost Panel. Login to your panel and navigate to Domains - manage domains - Edit and then adjust the value of the “Specify your web directory” field to the location of mephisto’s public directory. Save your changes, wait a few minutes and mephisto should be running.

I’m currently having a lot of issues keeping mephisto stable here at dreamhost though, so YMMV.

Thanks for the reply. I installed a new version last month and got that working without too much difficulty. I think the stability issue is related to RAM. I’ve heard that it’s not a good idea to run Rails apps on Shared Hosting accounts, but also wasn’t that impressed with Mephisto. I’ve spotted some bugs with the application and haven’t seen much activity on the Mephisto website to give the sense that it’s alive and kicking. Personally I think it’s probably a better idea to build your own Rails blog or go with WordPress.