Installing mencoder to server via SSH

I have been following these instructions to install mencoder to my dreamhost server.

everything seems to be going just fine while following the steps in my SSH prompt, until I reach the part where i am supposed to type “make install”

The wiki says a large amount of code should pour down as its copying files however the only code I see is this:

install -d /home/mysite/bin /home/mysite/etc/mplayer /home/mysite/lib install -m 755 -s mencoder /home/gostwear/bin install -d /home/mysite/share/man/man1 install -m 644 DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1 /home/mysite/share/man/man1/ cd /home/mysite/share/man/man1 && ln -sf mplayer.1 mencoder.1 install -m 755 -s mplayer /home/mysite/bin

it looks to me like this is another step not mentioned in the article but I am not sure how to advance. Any help is greatly appreciated!