Installing "Lovd by Less" on Dreamhost?

I’m having a lot of trouble installing Lovd by Less. I googled until I got googled-out, and it seems I’m not alone.

Has anyone had success? I’m using Putty and Filezilla to try and access some sort of shell command prompt (according to dreamhost wiki) but that doesn’t work at all. I’ve uploaded all the files and tried to run it, but this error:

The application has exited during startup (i.e. during the evaluation of config/environment.rb). The error message may have been written to the web server’s log file. Please check the web server’s log file (i.e. not the (Rails) application’s log file) to find out why the application exited.

I checked and have no idea what to do next. My next step is to cancel dreamhost and go with a rails host, but I’d rather not since I have a few other non-rails sites and migration will be a pain. Any help is appreciated–thanks!