Installing joomla


I’m installing another joomla domain, and I did the one-click, and now I received an email saying:

Now visit the site to finish your installation with these settings:

Pre-installation check:
Just click “Next >>”

Check “I accept the GPL License” and click “Next >>”

Ummm…exactly where do I go for that? My site isn’t up yet…

If I’m understanding your question correctly, that email in instruction you to complete the remaining installation steps on your site - if it “isn’t up yet”, you will have to wait until it is to complete these steps. :wink:


The email says it put the files there, so I assumed it was done. Is that a bad assumption?

Well, it might be depending upon what you mean by “the site isn’t up yet”.

All the installer does is put the files in the appropriate directory, which has nothing to do with whether the site “is up”, which depends upon DNS.

If it is a new site, and DNS has not yet updated so it can be reached with a browser by typing the domain name, the “install” could have put the files there, but you cannot complete the process till you can reach the site with a browser.

Once DNS has updated and the site is reachable, when you browse to the url for that site, the “installation dialog” you were referring to will be presented.


There are some additional configuration steps you have to complete on the website itself after it comes up, but all the software is installed.

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If your site isn’t live yet, then create a mirror domain called and then go visit that one to complete the installation.

Or just wait for DNS to propagate if you’ve already set the DNS servers as, etc…