Installing Indexhibit...where is the root directory?

I’m trying to install Indexhibit to my website but must be overlooking something.

Cutting to the chase- how do I find the root directory??

I’ve followed the installation instructions precisely, and have established a mySQL database…and obviously have a domain name. When I log into the FTP (I’m using Cyberduck), I’m presented with three folders under FTP Host:


The Indexhibit files need to go into the website’s root directory. Thus, I uploaded the files to the folder (thinking that was it) and made sure I had the right permission settings…but upon the next step of trying to go, I of course get a “cannot find page yada yada.”

What am I doing wrong here? Clearly this isn’t where the Indexhibit files are meant to go. Or could it be something else entirely, like an issue with my database?

Thanks very much

you called it in the next line tho. So I’m not sure if you meant two different things.

In short, from manage domains of the panel, look for the USER name, make sure you are logging in with THAT user. Once there you should see a directory named for the domain name, change into it… you are now in the root folder/directory for the domain.

Yeah sorry about that typo… I meant the two urls to be the same.

Thanks, I’ll try that right now

So I checked the user information, and I’m logging in correctly. From edit, I tried changing the default web directory from /home/username/ TO /home/username/root…which created a new folder in FTP called “root”, but contained the same default, pre-existing files as the “” folder. I tried uploading the Indexhibit files to this new “root” folder and got the same results. So I guess I am putting these files where they’re supposed to go, but something else is wrong?

For what it’s worth, from Manage Domains, when I “visit” my website, I’m not taken to an “under construction from your friends at Dreamhost” kind of screen- rather I’m taken to your typical cannot find/doesn’t exist screen.

Also for what it’s worth- I was having this same issue (by that I mean my own human error) with Hostgator before I ditched them… the issue of placing these files in what should be the correct directory but getting no results…clearly it’s just me.

/home/username/ is correct… not root…

If you create a simple file named index.htm with the contents:
hello world!

(no actual html content required)

and nothing else then when you navigate to in your browser you should see a white screen with the words “hello world” in the top left corner. If you do then that IS the root directory of the domain.

good idea. I placed the index.htm file in the suspected root directory–/home/username/ again with no results. Said directory does appear to be the root since it default contains the quickstart.html file which ought to show up when navigated to my in-browser, but does not. I even tried putting index.htm in other folders in the FTP. Some wheel must’ve fallen off during registration with DH and/or I’m missing something critical. Should probably send them an email…

wait a second… quickstart.html is the file that produces an “under construction from your friends at Dreamhost” kind of screen.

Putting an index.htm in the same directory should override that and be found ahead of quickstart.html so either you have the wrong user for the domain, or your browser is some reason caching quickstart when it shouldn’t be.

delete the quickstart.html file (which you shouldn’t have to do) and you should either get the “hello world” message, or an error if you don’t have the index.htm in the right place. If there is no change you about have to be on the wrong user.
one other thing: go back ot manage domains in the panel and click the “edit” button in the web hosting column and just look at the next page and find “web directory”… Does it have the same path… that is were it is defined.

yep that’s the one. I just tried deleting quickstart.html, no difference.

I only have one domain and one user name hosted by DH… wouldn’t I be barred from logging into FTP if the user name was incorrect?
just saw your PS, h/o
yes, the “web directory” is defined as /home/username/ that’s what I messed with a little bit ago to duplicate it as that “root” folder. But I since returned it back to the normal “”

my user name and domain name are separate words, not the same…i.e. user: grapefruit and domain: pineapple… that shouldn’t matter, right?

Should I possibly create a new user, discard the old, and start anew?

One thing that’s not clear on that screen in the panel and in this thread is the context of the word ‘username’ as in


Specifically, the user name that is listed as USER in the web hosting column of “manage domains”. If it says “Fully Hosted / user: johndoe” then that makes the path


/home/johndoe/ will be rendered to the user that visits
http :// (extra space typed to prevent the forum from hot-linking that.)

2nd thought: when you return to your browser and reload the page try pressing Ctrl-f5 (most browser) to force a server request, that should make sure it’s not using something cached… If one ctrl-f5 is good then 2 are better :stuck_out_tongue:

3rd thought: When you make changes in the panel, there is a delay before those changes are pushed out to the server. The screen often says the delay is about 10 minutes or something, I’ve found that sometime that estimate is low and it actually takes a little longer.

If you have changed the web directory, I’m not sure what you meant by “that’s what I messed with a little bit ago”, if you actually made a change via the panel that might be working against us.
BTW… watch capitization. index.htm and Index.htm are two different things (for example). Case is very import in file and directory names.

problem is solved.

turns out all the trouble was that my domain name wasn’t linked to my Dreamhost DNS, since I got it from another website. But it was a really quick fix under Manage Domains.

Thanks for the help!