Installing Greymatter

I spent this afternoon attempting to upload the Greymatter blogging software but ran into a few problems.

I used CuteFTP to upload each file, taking special care to ensure each file was uploaded as either ASCII or binary. I then proceeded to CHMOD each file as instructed. The next step is to run gm.cgi. Each time I do so I’m greated with an 500 Internal Server Error.

I deleted all files on my server and began the process all over again - following the manual word for word. Still, as I run gm.cgi I’m greeted by the 500 Internal Server Error.

I googled my problem and posted over at but I’ve yet to find an answer. Is there any reason Greymatter wouldn’t work with Dreamhost?

I believe the only requirements are Perl and its standard modules.

[quote]Is there any reason Greymatter wouldn’t work with Dreamhost?

Greymatter actually WORKS with DreamHost. :wink: Yeah, I know it’s frustrating … just make sure your paths are correct and the domain is CGI-enabled (box checked at Domains>Web>Edit) like ardo has mentioned earlier.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I’ve searched the forum several times over for Greymatter porblems but didn’t find anything useful. I currently have an active thread going on at but that doesn’t seem to be resoloving the answer.

I’ve checked to see if my CGI is enabled and it is.

Thanks for your help. If you have any more suggestions I’m all ears.