Installing Gallery with existing installation

I installed Gallery on my on, before DH had an option to install it via One Click.

I was thinking about using DH’s installation so that I don’t have to bother with the upgrades, etc.

If I point the One Click installation at the same DB that it is currently installed in, what will happen to my existing data? Over written?

I would rather not create another DB and move my data over.


I have no actual experience or knowledge of this, but I’d guess that it will try to create the tables and fail. I suspect that the better thing to try to do is to have it go ahead and create everything in a new database and then try to switch it over to your old database. The trick will be to figure out how the one-click install remembers what the original database was. You will also have to be careful to properly identify things like the table prefix.

As I said, this is just a guesstimate. Hopefully, someone who actually knows what they’re doing will respond! :slight_smile:

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First, what version of Gallery are you running? To the best of my knowledge DH has offered one-click Gallery installs for a while. If your install is aging, you’re vulnerable to a lot of potential weaknesses.

Like you, I got aquainted with a lot of the stuff available from Dreamhost via one-click installs prior to converting to a more manual method. Since you installed Gallery manually DH will not be able to perform an upgrade, and will have to manually migrate all your data, plugins, templates, and other customizations after the install. Once you go to all that trouble, you might as well stay in manual mode.

If you do decide that one-click is the way to go after the initial DH install permits upgrades, you’ll still lose all your customizations and templates the next time you decide to update to a newer version via one-click. Manual upgrades do not have this limitation but you should stay aware of vulnerabilities found in your extensions.

From the one-click install page:

From the wiki:

Oh yeah, if your install is a different version from the one-click install, you should upgrade to the same version as the specified in the one-click install (that’s 2.2.1)

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