Installing FFMPEG

I followed the instructions provided here

during the compile there were a lot of warnings and after the install it doesn’t seem to be functioning.

Could anyone help me with this? I need to add video conversion (upload videos) to my site. Is there a more updated way to do this? It appears that the ffmpeg version did not change when I went through the instructions that were provided in the wiki.

I also get an error saying that ‘yasm not found’

Based on my experience, there are warnings upon installation or even logs. But most of them are just negligible. Do you still have a copy with those warnings? You might want to post it here too.

I don’t have a copy, I’m not all too familiar with shell. I know there were a lot warnings and at least one error for sure for yasm. Doesn’t appear yasm is installed which may be my problem. I’ve tried the install with yasm disabled but that appears to not work.

./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-cross-compile --enable-shared --arch=amd64 --target-os=linux
This particular instruction brings up that yasm/nasm is not installed or too old.

How do I install yasm? is it necessary? Can I just use ./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-cross-compile --enable-shared --arch=amd64 --target-os=linux --disable-yasm