Installing EzPublish

I am attempting to install EzPublish.
If I go to the root of he new site at and press the ‘Finetune’ button I get the following messages:

[quote]1. allow_url_fopen ini setting is disabled
You need to alter your PHP settings, and enable the ‘allow_url_fopen’ setting in your php.ini file.
allow_url_fopen = On
Remember to restart your web server afterwards.
Note : Failure here will also cause failure to the accept_path_info test.[/quote]


[quote] 2. AcceptPathInfo disabled or running in CGI mode
You need to enable AcceptPathInfo in your Apache config file, if you’re using apache 2.x. If you’re running apache 1.3, eZ publish will not run in CGI mode.
Check the Apache documentation, or enter the following into your httpd.conf file.
AcceptPathInfo On
Remember to restart your web server afterwards.[/quote]
I have tried several suggestions but to no avail.
Are these problems solvable on Dreamhost or am I out of luck?

Kind Regards.
Jeremy Sellors

Out of luck, unless you are PHP-savvy enough to mess around with the scripts a bit. Or unless you choose a different CMS software.

I’ve had the same problem (fortunately those were on sites I made, so I could just rewrite it). allow_url_fopen is what determines whether you can use file() to read an external web page. For example, file(“”) would return the content of that page, if allow_url_fopen is enabled.

It’s disabled on DH, and you need to use the cURL library instead. If a software you’re trying to use can’t cope without allow_url_fopen and doesn’t support curl, then you won’t be able to use it. (If you know PHP, you could dive into the script files, see where the function is being used, and rewrite it using the curl functions.).

Personally, I recommend the Drupal engine, which has no trouble with this. But if you were using EzPublish before now and are just moving the site to this server, then migrating to a different CMS is difficult.

Hi Arancaytar,
Thanks for the reply and I am sorry I did not respond sooner.
I have installed my own PHP 4.4.4 and set the php.ini to get passed the first problem and the second problem—I read—might be an error in the install script so I just bypassed the test and finished the install. Everything seems to be working fine on the test site.
I will try the Drupal system that you suggested. I have no particular preferences as to which system I use. I am just looking arround. One of the features I am looking for is the ability to search the text of stored PDF files but that is of only minor importance right now.


I’d be interested to hear how you are getting on with eZ Publish.

We are looking into using it for some upcoming projects and we are investigating hosting options. Running it on our Dreamhost space is the cheapest, but how does it work out in use?


Steve West