Installing e107

Hi, I am currently stuck at installing e107, specifically at the part where I am supposed to input mysql database detail. I have tried to submit details which i think is correct but the installation procedure keeps returning me errors. Please help me look through if the details i supplied are correct.

I have created a mysql database for this installation.

Mysql server - I assume this is where I input the server’s name, in my case splinter?

mysql username - the username of the database I created
mysql password - the password of the database I created
mysql database - the database name I created (check create database)
table prefix - leave it as default(e107_)

This is the error shown:
e107 was unable to establish a connection to the MySQL server using the information you entered. Please return to the last page and ensure the information is correct.

MySQL Reported Error:
Lost connection to MySQL server during query

There is your problem. :wink:

The “server” is the MySQL “hostname” that you assigned for your database when you created it in the control panel.

It is often (defaults to) something like “mysql.yourdomainname.tld”

Put that value in the “MySQL server” field, and you’ll likely have it “nailed” :wink:


Thank you it worked, since we are on the topic of installing, what are the standard naming convention for database and hostnames? And is it common practice to share multiple applications on the same db for the same(or different) website?

Thank you!

You are welcome, and I’m glad you got it working! I don’t believe there is a “standard” convention for database and host names; different people take different approaches, and as far as I can tell there is no practical consideration involved (only personal preference).

The same issue comes up sometimes about using a single database with table prefixes to host multiple applications vs giving each application its own database. For that one, there may be some performance considerations worth considering when you get to having a certain number of tables, but I don’t believe for most of us even that is much of an issue.

I often use a single hostname to access several databases related to a given website, or client project, because it just seems more convenient but for large project I occasionally use different hosts named after the functions of the databases used with that host (cmsdata.domain.tld, gallerydata.domain.tld, etc.), and I often dedicate a database to be used by a single application as it can make backup and migration a bit more convenient.


I see, most of my dbs are small and often for personal use. Would my idea of using the same db be better since it is easier to backup in my case or should I go for a middle ground of sharing a db amongst applications that is from the same website? I have multiple unrelated websites. I am not keen on sharing apps from different unrelated sites in a single db. My reasoning is that if I have to do anything such as transferring host, and if all of my sites use a single DB it would be a bit hard to split it, make it’s own db and such as well as for security issues. Is that reasonable?

Naming convention wise, i have done this: if i use a db for a single website, then i gave it the app name and if i share multiple apps in a db then I give it the site’s name? usually i give them initials of their apps/site. Is that reasonable?

Thank you again!

I think your reasoning on when to combine into a single database, or separate databases, applications/website databases is sound. It really is a matter of ease and convenience in backing up and/or migrating to my way of thinking. You seem to have a good grasp of the issues involved; I recommend you do it in whatever manner works best for you.

You naming convention sounds reasonable to me! There is not a “right” or “wrong” way to do this. If your system makes sense to you, and facilitates the operation and maintenance of your dbs and site, then it is a good one. :wink: