Installing Discourse Forums

Anyone know if it’s possible to install the discourse forums on a shared server on dreamhost?

This is what it looks like:

Not possible, I’m afraid. Discourse depends on a number of server-side applications (e.g, PosgreSQL and Redis) that are not available on shared hosting.

Thats too bad.

How about vanilla forums?

I know the shared server meets the required versions but Im not sure about the other details.

Server Requirements for vanilla forums:
PHP 5.2.0 or newer
PHP Config (php.ini): file_uploads = on
PHP Data Objects module installed (
PDO_MySQL module must be enabled (
GD version 2.0 or newer (optional, but required for profile pictures)
cURL (to allow plugin sandboxing)
MySQL 5 or newer
Apache 2 or newer
AllowOverride = All (optional, but it allows friendly urls)
mod_rewrite (optional, but it allows friendly urls)

Vanilla Forums should work, no problem. It’s not currently available through the One-Click Installer, but installing it manually following the Vanilla documentation shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’ll try it. Thanks