Installing custom webmail?

With all due respect to DH - SquirrelMail seems a bit obsolete - is it possible to install a different webmail app (Horde, UbeiMail, etc)? I mean, it seems like it could be possible, if I just disabled their default webmail and installed a new one to a subdomain, but I didn’t know if anyone has had success with this on a DreamHost based site.

Any insight would be great!!


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An upgrade to RoundCube would be great.

You can vote for this in the appropriate location.


RoundCube looks SICK!!!

Where do I vote for this? It needs to be added ASAP!!!

Thanks so much…

You can vote for it on this page:

It was entered on 2005-09-19. This will help you find it on the page. …or just F3 for ‘round’.

Vote away. I want it tooooo!

RoundCube does look pretty cool; however, I think it is very unlikely that DreamHost will adopt it as the default webmail client while it is only an alpha release. Perhaps the issue can be looked at again once the project has moved into final release status?

Simon Jessey
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I have to agree that DH probably would not be replacing squirrel mail with bata software, especially alpha software. That being said, in reply to the origional question, you can install your own webmail program. there’s instructions if you search in the and here. The only problem is that you have to log in with m123456 user names - not just your E-mial address as you do with squirrel mail.


It is high time that DreamHost resolved the m123456 issue once and for all. It has long been a pain in the neck that confuses and frustrates many customers.

Simon Jessey
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definatly. It’s just plan annoying and difficult to have to look up the m* constantly. You can get around it with setting up users with E-mail addresses, but I’m sure a lot of people have more E-mail address than users their plan provides. Seems it shouldn’t be that hard to fix, but I guess it’s just not a priortly for DH right now. sigh



I just installed roundcube this morning and love it so far. Of course it needs polishing and some more features, but it’s wonderfully intuitive and nice to work with as it is. My questions for now are:

  • Is there any way to set it so that I can use my email username as opposed to the stupid m-XXXXX thing?

  • Is there a way to eliminate the need to have to enter the server name each time I log in?

Thanks! Hope this develops quickly so that dreamhost starts offering it as an alternative to s-mail.

Getting rid of the m67665657 type mailbox names is our most highly voted suggestion and has been for quite awhile. We do fully intend to do it when we can do so safely. We have done a lot of research on the changes we need to make and even attempted a test switchover at one point that went disastrously. If we were to start up from scratch right now it would be trivial to do but switching over our many many thousands of mailboxes transparently will be a bit more difficult.

Also, as I have seen many complaints about our email service on these boards I’m sure you would rather we be putting our available email resources into stabilizing things before making a major change that could disrupt things.

Anyway, just now that it IS on our todo list and it’s just proven to be a more elusive target than anticipated. We are in the process of doing some mail server upgrades that we believe will bring us one step closer, though!

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I can’t help with the first question (you still have to use the mxxxxx user login but I CAN help you with the second question:
Locate the file “” file under the config directory. Open and find the line (should be line 34): “$rcmail_config[‘default_host’] = ‘’;” and put in your mail server name. For dreamhost users, it would look like “$rcmail_config[‘default_host’] = ‘’;” and viola, no more putting in your server name. Hope this helps.

Without looking at the code… :wink:

I would assume wherever they parse the username from the form, you SHOULD be able to use a lookup table to see if there’s a ‘necessary translation’ for the given name. So you could have a table that maps "" => "". ALL other code would remain untouched – it’d basically just be a user-nice transformation.

If I ever get around to installing roundcube myself, I’ll be sure to post a hint as to the exact code changes… obviously dependent on the particular addresses/site!

Of course, if they DO finally get around to eliminating the m19289823 addressing (which apparently Dallas recently posted about here…), this all goes away. :wink: