Installing Confluence


Can you install conluence on the basic hosting plan?

I have found this previous thread that said it is not possible.

I notice though that it was from 2009, now that its 2011 I was wondering if it was still the case?

I think i’m on the shared hosting, its the My Crazy Domain Insane plan. I know I’m not on VPS or Dedicated Server if that helps.




I don’t know if confluence will install on shared hosting or not, but don’t forget mediawiki definitely will install in shared hosting. If you don’t have other atlassian packages why is it important to use confluence as opposed to another wiki?

I am a huge fan of the entire atlassian suite. Unfortunately in recent years the pricing has been restructured to the point that it makes no sense to any organization except the largest of organizations. Sure the pricing page makes it look very enticing to the under 10 user organization, but the numbers for the entire suite are really hard to crunch when you reach the 11th user.

No big reason why I wanted to use Confluence. It is the one I use at work and I really like it. This install i’m using for a personal project with 3 other people and we are not going to hit 11 people anytime soon (or ever).

I’ll give mediawiki a look as well. Thanks.