Installing CGI Proxy

I’m trying to install that…CGIProxy.

I’ve installed php stuff before, but never CGI stuff. The installation notes say nothing. I wanted to do an automated install at: but it won’t find the Perl and has trouble with my directory being The cgi script is technically uploaded at, but I haven’t set anything up and if you access that nothing happens. How do i figure out how to install this?

You’re better off just copying the nph-proxy.cgi manually to some directory (don’t forget chmod’ing the file and the directory to 755).

I was able to install and run CGIProxy. But without SSL support.
Has anyone tried to make it work WITH SSL support???

I am on a shared hosting, and have no shell access.

Yes… if you mean you wish to be able to view HTTPS web sites when running from an HTTP installation.

and set it to:

Thank you. That works… Understanding that it’s still HTTP into the site itself…