Installing awstats

Ok, I’ve been following the instructions in the wiki on installing awstats and have a few questions that hopefully someone here can help me with. I haven’t used cron jobs or shell access before.

  1. step 11 says to type in a perl command:
    Enter this command:
    perl /home/yourusername/awstats/tools/
    -update -awstatsprog=/home/yourusername/awstats/ -dir=/home/yourusername/

Where do I enter this? In a file? I downloaded Putty for shell access and used it to connect and tried entering it there, but it said “Error: couldn’t open config file “” nor “awstats.conf” etc…”

So then I tried to skip ahead and do the cron job. I entered crontab -e and it brought up a screen (pico) and I typed in the line from the wiki (changing the data as needed for my domain/account) and when I tried to exit and save it it said:
no crontab for username - using an empty one
no modification made

I know I’m probably missing something simple, but I’ve been looking through the knowledge base and the forums and haven’t quite figured it out yet. Help? Thanks!

bump I’m assuming this is fairly simple, as others have been able to do it with no problem. I am just a bit lost and the DH provided stats have been giving me a headache, so I’d rather get this installed.


you’re right, you have to enter that at the a telnet/ssh commnd prompt. The thing is that you have to update the command to reflect you’re own user and install.

perl /home/yourusername/awstats/tools/
-update -awstatsprog=/home/yourusername/awstats/ -dir=/home/yourusername/

I bolded the parts you need to change. Just plug in your info. The yourusername part will be the user you’re logging into ssh with, and the is your domain.


Yeah, I had changed my data in there, I just entered it here generically. Turns out the problem was I was an idiot and when I had uploaded the awstats.mydomain.conf I didn’t remove the .txt at the end, so it couldn’t find it. facepalms

So I got that and the crontab running (set it to 1pm so I could see if it was working). It said you could set it up to run twice a day too, so how would I do it if I wanted it to run at say 11am and 11pm (I understand the ‘0 11 * * *’ side of it). Do I set them up as separate crontabs or do I just write a second line below the first one?

Also, is the crontab time PST because of DreamHost being in California?

Thanks for your help!

Well, kind of answered my own questions there. I ran it once and figured out the time difference.

And hopefully just adding a second line with the additional time info will be sufficient to get it run twice a day.

Now I’m off to try to add a second domain. :slight_smile:

Would it be best to have the additional domains crontabs run at different times?

you don’t need to make another line for this…
instead of doing
0 11 * * *
0 11,22 * * *

that tells it to run at the 11th, and 22nd hour of the day