Installing awstats but stuck at crontab


I am trying to install awstats on my site and follwed the tutorial by Tacimala at and may I just say, THANK YOU! It was very helpful and so far I managed to get the stats up and running. However I am stuck at the crontab setup. the crontab wiki doesn’t help one bit! Do I create a crontab file using something like “notepad?” Then what? And then what in the world is putty? Sorry if these are all very basic. Indeed! I just find that most of the wiki stuff are for people who know about using command lines and slightly more advance users.

And do I really need to set up this crontab thing? If I don’t, will it not update or will it just not update every hour? For all that trouble, I don’t care if it updates once a day as long as it does!

Glad to hear anything, something from anyone, someone. THanks!

PS. Why can’t dreamhost just have awstats or something similar installed with every account the way cpanel does? I have spend a whole day on this and I am still not done. It really sucks!

Ok, you got some reading to do before going too far. Working in the shell isn’t for the faint hearted, but its the only way you’ll get AWstats to run on a regular basis, that is what cron is for, it’s basically a way to schedule the running of and applications and scripts.

Check out what Putty is in the wiki.

Take a look at the AWStats_Installation page in the Dreamhost Wiki. In that it explains how to setup a crontab.

When creating it, replace the crontab data in the wiki example with the data from the other site you linked and edit what you need to for your requirements.

Quick tip when using crontab, all the code below as posted on the other site needs to be on a single line. If you paste the line in using the Putty client, remove the line breaks by backspacing once at the start of each new line except the 1st.

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Thanks for that shonky. Guess it’s going to be a long night… but say I omit this crontab step, does it mean my awstats won’t update at all, or it just doesn’t update every hour? After all, I can always just hit the “update now” button when I am checking my stats right?

I also have a problem password protecting my stats folder. I went into goodies - htaccess/webDAV to password protect my cgi-bin/stats/ folder but when I try to login to I get a 500 internal Server error. DH support hasn’t been very helpful at all and I am hoping someone can tell me what could possibly lead to such an error. Before I password protected the folder, the stats were showing fine.

Appreciate it.

Can anyone please help me with this cos’ DH support won’t. I just need to know where I might have gone wrong with htaccess/webDAV. to get a 500 Internal server error everytime I access my awstats page.

I am seriously considering going back to cpanel and get my money back guarantee. Shame. I really want to go with Dreamhost as I heard so many things about it but it just isn’t very friendly for people with basic progamming knowledge. Sigh…

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OK, here’s a bit of info for you. By default the path domain.tld/stats is used by the default statistics package delivered by DH. From what I thought I saw on your scripts, you’re referring to this path. This may redirect to somewhere else or confuse the server (resulting in your 500s).

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