Installing AutoResponse Plus


I am installing AutoResponse Plus, and got the congif file entered and setup OK.
When I went to login, it said …

Software error:
Undefined subroutine &main::z7356bd474a called at line 44.

DreamHost has a slightly different setup apparently.

On DreamHost servers, we have a special feature called suexec (which stands for “switch user execution”) Suexec requires that you change the owner (chown) and change the group (chgrp) to be your user and group (don’t worry, these are the defaults when you upload or create a file), AND that you chmod (change permissions) that file AND THE DIRECTORY it resides in to be not-writable by the world. You can do this with the command:
chmod 755

You do NOT want to do chmod 777, even if your scripts’ installation instructions tell you to do that. They don’t know that you’re installing your script on a server with suexec installed.

Bearing this in mind I have now CHMOD the directories that were required to be 777 back to 755. I have checked the CHMODs and they all look OK.

What else can I do?