Installing a forum


I really need help installing a vb forum! I don’t know anything about databases and so.
When I install vb it says “The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the ‘includes/config.php’ file.” What does that mean?

What are the differences between DB name and DB hostname? Are they important and shall I choose a secure DB hostname?

I would like the forum to appear when I type instead of How do I do that?


You need to create your database first and then install your BB script. Use the DH Control Panel to set up your database (names will become clear when you make your database). Enter that information into your config file (either manually or during the install process, depending on the script).

vb is a good forum but if you are completely stumped, DH has a one-click install of phpBB. In your DH control panel, look for Goodies, One-click installs.

To change the directory you will use htaccess to make a Redirect. It’s easy, look at the DH Wiki or search this forum for info.



I have already created a database and copied the information in the config file.
When I create the database, I only need to enter the Database name, hostname, username and password, right? And after that I can upload and start installing the edited VB, or do I need to do something else on the server in between?


Usually. Double check your database info. See if you can log into your database using the username and password. Your database hostname would be something like: – whatever subdomain name you gave it when you created the database – that is what you should put in your config file (instead of localhost). Point your browser to that and you should be prompted for the username and password.

If you can log-in to the databse, then that part works. Have you tried the vb help forums for install help?

Make sure all the vb files are online and that your config is correct. Check your permissions. Sometimes you have to open permissions up to install scripts.


Great! That worked! I didn’t change localhost.

Thanks a bunch for your help and time!!