Installign icecast on a vps

Hello. I’m fast at learning these things. Im not sure when I’ll do this but I want to get a VPS for a month, move my domain to it for that month, install icecast on it and when I’m done with th eevent return to a shared set up wiht my domain. I velieve from reading the wiki this is possible.

Now, how do I install icecast easily on the VPS? I know how to edit the xml file so canI edit it locally and upload it by ftp to the place where the install of icecast is? I googled for how to do this and got no ware. Well almost no ware. lol!

I’m not exactly a lynux guroo but I know how to use ssh a little bit, and I’ve got a friend who knows more about this stuff as this is his major. lol!

Take care and thanks.