Installed Wordpress but


I can’t find the directories on my server tree. In the root menu I see my .com, .svn, Maildir, logs, .alias, .bash_profile, .bashrc, and .cshrc.
No Wordpress…

I want to put a new theme I downloaded into the /themes directory but I can’t find it. I am certain Wordpress is installed because I can access the Dashboard and edit my site.

I was hoping this was just a temporary issue and it would pop up eventually, but it’s been two days and still I can’t find it.

Please help



do it from within the wordpress control panel. You do have a custom install, not a one-click, right? You can’t modify the one-click installs.


Oh dang, no I did the simple 1 click install. So I should do custom install then?

Is there anything special I should do for the custom install?



if you don’t have any data to preserve, just remove the one-click and install a custom (or advanced… not sure what they are calling it these days)… then you’ll have full reign, and full responsibility



Thanks man!