Installed Mambo; it wants Zlib

Hello again, all! I wanted to install a CMS on my domain and went with Mambo, since the Nukes were a bit much for what I needed. Anyway, all is well, except that I can not install/uninstall modules or components due to the fact that zlib is not installed. I’ve done a lot of tar/gzipping, and am comfortable with Linux and compiling, but have never compiled software on a remote host. How would I go about installing zlib on my / Dreamhost folder?

Thanks in advance!


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Here’s something that I just received from Jeff (DH support) which might be very useful for you:

"You need to run as php-cgi instead of just php. To do so, create an .htaccess file in your home or domain directory with the following line::

AddType php-cgi php

info found here:

That should clear up any errors if your files are in the right location with the proper permissions."

Mike (

i too installed mambo and had some trouble. i changed to php-cgi, and now it works great! thank you

If you are in the mood for idle questions, how are you liking Mambo? How fussy is it to understand and customize (simple changes to branding, layout, etc.)?