Installed Joomla - now what!

The absolutely best place on the planet to find out about stuff like this is the Joomla! forums. First hit in google for the search ‘How to remove Joomla because open source matters from header’ (no quotes in the search, of course) brings you to: and there you find two ways to approach this:

"1) Manage Templates (ja-purity), switch from Image to Text. Add your Site Name & tagline. Save

  1. Create an image ( 207px x 80px ) called logo.png. Rename original …/templates/ja-purity/images/logo.png, then replace with your new file. Recommend using background transparency rather than solid. Recommend Paint or Gimp creator/editor.
    Upload using ftp client ( filezilla, etc ) or File Manager in your Cpanel."

–DreamHost Tech Support

Shouldn’t this be in the wiki :slight_smile:

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Maybe! Feel free to put it there if you think it belongs! My personal opinion is that Joomla! and these other one-click applications have thriving and complete online communities, and I don’t know the the DreamHost wiki should really try to document all the nuances and customization tips to operate an application.

That said, the wiki is a community resource,and if you think it should be in there add it!

The wiki gnomes will edit, and refactor, as they do, and it will either stay or not - which is the way all these wiki things work! :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support


Can you give site were they got hack joomla templates.
in not it fine. . .


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how to do the splits

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how to do the splits