Installed Custom PHP 5.3 missing MySql


Hi All.

First off my exp with shell and Linux in general is somewhat limited but I learn fast. I have a VPS with DH. I have installed a custom PHP 5.3 with FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP extension. I used a script I found for DH PS and modified it some to get it all working.

I have successfully installed it with no fatal errors. I modified .htaccess for the domain I wanted to use this build and did a phpinfo. It shows up of and with FFMPEG but it’s missing a few things. The biggest is MySql. I did not compile my own MySql I just wanted to use the existing one at DH that has my DBs in it. I have linked my .sh script and my phpinfo link for review. As you can see there are a few other missing things but MySql is the most important to me. Also the only thing I added to the php.ini file from this build was the FFMPEG extension. Maybe need to add or modify the ini some more?

Any ideas.


Why are you using a custom PHP 5.3 build? The version that’s already installed works fine, and supports building your own custom extensions like ffmpeg. See for details.


Humm, in the control panel I can only select PHP 5.2 for any of my domains. Is 5.3 now offered? if so then I guess I will need to have DH update my host system or VPS.

Based on the above info this means I could just set my PHP to 5.3 in the control panel, compile/install my other needed items/extensions and link them to it with the custom php.ini. If so then that would be great.



If you go to manage domains and edit your domain you should see the choice for php 5.3 cgi or fastcgi in the dropdown under web options.


I was only seeing 5.2. I contacted DH support and found out that my VPS was on an older copy of Debian and I had them update it to 5 and install PHP 5.3.