Installed awstats... BUT



I’ve just installed awstats, its gone fine, everythings working, but i dont have the menu down the left had side (the framed section to jump to differnt parts)

Any ideas? i followed the guide to the T and like i say, it works fine, just would like the menu back :wink:



got a link?


I had this problem. Look at the awstats.conf file for this variable:

It’ll give some insight as to how this works.



I think I might be looking for the same thing as the OP, my last webhost had set up awstats and I had a menu on the left that let me check out stats from prior months.

^^ this sounds like it’s something different, just displaying info in frames (which it can’t do unless the stats are dynamic apparently).

How do I see May’s stats?


I have an awstats package that’s set up for dynamic updating. It’s at:

This will let you look at previous months’ stats like your old one did.

Go through and modify the appropriate files. (awstats.conf and index.html)
Your crontab entry should look something like:
59 23 * * * /usr/bin/perl /home/USER/DOMAIN.COM/statistics/ -config=DOMAIN.COM -update > /dev/null

Make sure it runs just before midnight to use that day’s log files.