Installation trouble

Ok this is my first post. I’m a brand newbie so apologies if I am making an obvious error.

I already have WordPress installed on my Dream host account and a site up and running. Yesterday I tried to add another site and am now totally lost.

I added hosting to my domain name by clicking the add hosting button which took me to the Manage Domain page.

In the Web Directory section I added /home/username/ and added my site then clicked Fully Host This Domain.

I received the user name and FTP server (I don’t know what an FTP server is).

When I Try to access my site it comes up
Not Found

The requested URL /wp-admin was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

And when I put it in google it says OOPs website can’t be found.

Do I need to install Wordpress again in Dreamhost for every site I have? I have been told you can have more than one site in a wordpress account from a single wordpress installation? So how can I get wordpress to recognise my new domain? Please Help

the 404 is caused becasue DNS hasn’t yet propagated. Anytime you do something that causes a DNS change there is a delay before that actually happens (think of it as waiting for the new phone book to be published).

There is more than one way to host multiple sites with wordpress and there are pros and cons for each. One method is to reinstall wordpress on the new domain. Another is to use wordpress multi-site features.

Thanks LakeRat. I’ve decided to install Wordpress for each new domain mainly due to the security and privacy aspects. Apart from having to log in and out of different accounts can you think of any other cons?

Quick comment: for better security make sure each wordpress install has a unique dreamhost user. So user1 is associated with ‘’ and user2 is associated with ‘’ and user3 is associated with ‘’. That way if you have a hack attack, you will only lose a single wordpress install, not EVERY wordpress install.