Installation Step 1 Joomla

joomla is waiting for my data in 4 windows step 1 installation

seadrive is the username for the one click install.

The password isn’t a problem but I am unable to satisfy the four boxes and move on in step 1.

Has anyone made it through that can give an installation example ( don’t give me your password.)


You should have gotten an E-mail from Dreamhost that tells you what to put into thoes boxes - assuming you used the one click install.

Check your support history if you didn’t recieve the E-mail, it should also be listed there.


Well, yes but since my client has 3 or 4 webmasters not all at the same skill level and definitely not on the same page, we all do what we can to make things work.


sorry, I’m a little confused here. I did a one click install of Joomla not too long ago. All the information that is needed for thoes files in step one - the mysql informaiton was sent out to your in an E-mail from Dreamhost.

The information it’s asking for in step on if the mysql information. you’ll need to put in your mysql host - you filled out that info when you used the one click instal. You can’t use local host, you’ll have to fill out the host name - soemthing like, and the user name and password you set up for that database.

Sorry if I’m still off track here, like I said I’m not quite understanding where your problem is.