Installation Problem with Drupal 7.8


I have been trying to installing Drupal 7.8 in dreamhost and it doesn’t work.

It gives me this message. when I go to the install.php

Database support Disabled
Your web server does not appear to support any common PDO database extensions. Check with your hosting provider to see if they support PDO (PHP Data Objects) and offer any databases that Drupal supports.

This message is before any configuration of the Database (I haven’t added yet) localhost, user or database…

This message is when Drupal is checking the Php.ini configuration.

I asked to the support of Dream host and they just link me to the dreamhost wiki about this issue that just says that :

So it has to work fine without doing nothing to the PHP.INI…

Why? Any idea?

I’ve checked the phpinfo and PDO is enabled, any idea?

Thank you so much,


PHP Version 5.3.5