Install WP plugin ID help

Hello everyone,

if possible I’d like some beginner help with installing the Wordpress plugin ‘exec-php’.

I have got as far as locating the plugin and clicking the install button, at which point I am asked for a server, username and password. I am uncertain as to which details are required (i.e. is this a dreamhost password, a wordpress one, some other?) nor what format the server name should take.

Might I be pointed in the right direction to find an answer to my query? Thanks.

I used “Executable PHP widget” and I don’t remember having any trouble getting it to install.

For what it’s asking, it’s either your FTP user (on, or your Database User (on


Thanks, but I’m still not getting it.

I have Wordpress installed on

My blog is located at

I have a wordpress login for the blog, but there was also the login I used when setting up dreatmhost itself.

So far, no combination I have tried seems to give me FTP access to install the plugin into the Wordpress plugin manager list.