Install wordpress and database problems


I am hosting two websites both running wordpress. One is fully operational and the other I have just started. I am trying to install wordpress on the second site but I receive an email saying that the directory is not empty and I need to create a new one or select an existing database. However, I don’t have any databases (I have deleted all the previous ones created) and I have tried creating a new one and then also using an existing one but both times I receive an error message.

So I am lost as to what to do. Can someone please help?

Thanks for your time and hopefully someone can help me.

Look for hidden files in that directory:

And if you’re using One-Click, there’s an option to have it create a database for you. Or you can do it yourself:

Thanks very much for that information I will try that out. Now another problem as I went into phpmyadmin, I didnt change anything except the password needed to access it and now my original site will not load up either. Could changing the password cause a programming error?

Hi I have added a new database but no luck I still get the same email response:

The problem was directory /???/???/???.com is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory

With regards to your first response, when you say look for hidden files in that directory, forgive me but I am not sure exactly what directory or rather where it is that I should be looking at? I understand that I need to show hidden files and I assume I just check the box in windows to do that but I am not sure exactly what/where the directory is. Is the directory the enitre list of ?'s above or just one part of it?


Give the WebFTP link a try from the DreamHost panel under Manage Domains. It’s pretty good about showing you everything in that directory.

Thankyou for that link. I can now see everything. I can also see I have a database in my phpmyadmin which I dont want so will work out how to remove that.

Thanks for your help.


I have the same issue. I installed WP in the wrong directory and uninstalled it. I had an error during the uninstalling process though, asking me to fix below. When I wanted to do the process again, it was out of the list. So I though about re-installing WP, but the same “directory not empty error” comes every time.

I tried it with another database, but no success.

I tried the Web FTP, but I can’t get access to it.

It works for my other pages though.

Any solutions?

I’m trying to install WP in an existing directory. I’m hosting several other applications, so the root folder isn’t empty. What are the files the one-click installer is checking for?

I can manually remove/backup the files in question so the one-click install works.


I think the installer is looking for anything in that directory. If your existing setup includes a folder that WordPress needs to use, that would be a conflict. You’d have to move everything out and then back in once you install WordPress.