Install problem -

I’m installing Ablespace on a site and have come across an issue with allow_url_fopen

I’ve found this but wouldn’t know where to start to change the piece of code in the install.php if anybody can help I’d really appreciate it.

Code below.

[quote]if ($myinstall->step==5 )
ini_set(‘allow_url_fopen’, 1);
$loader_url = “” . $POST[‘os’] . “/”;
$loader = "ioncube_loader
" . substr($POST[‘os’], 0, 3) . "" . ((float) phpversion()) . “.” . (substr($_POST[‘os’], 0, 3) == “win” ? “dll” : “so”);
copy($loader_url . $loader, “…/ioncube/” . $loader);
$myinstall->html.=‘Check the site now!
If all is ok please delete the install folder, if no please contact us.

Admin access: : test

Set the cron jobs:
_cron/hide.php - every minute
_cron/gold.php - every day’;

I’d be inclined to simply remove the ini_set, $loader_url, and $loader lines from step 5 completely. All they’re doing is downloading the ioncube loader from abk-soft (which won’t work until you’ve setup your own customised PHP environment anyway).

You’ll find information on installing the required ioncube loader in the Wiki.

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