Install phpBB templates


I am having installing phpBB templates. I have unzipped them and uploaded the folder and all the files into the templates folder. When I go to the add section of the Styles Admin to install the templates. They do not show up.

-> /template1/
-> /template2/
-> /subsilver/

I had this same problem on another site and I managed to get it to work and now I forgot how.


I don’t know what is wrong, but you should see the new templates when you go to styles admin --> add

If it does not work for some un-known reasons, try to rename the current template folder (old-template) to another name (old-template-bak), and name the new template folder to its name(old-template). PHPBB may still read the template from old name (old-template).

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Thanks. Problem solved. There was just a folder in the folder and had to move the right folder up one.

If that makes sense.