Install paths and permissions for scripts

I’m curious about the ‘.kelev’ that appears in my paths from time to time. For instance, if I’m installing a script I typically make an application directory and dump the files there. I usually use this path to refer to them: /home/user/domain/application.

However, I’m struggling with a script install that fails with this message and am curious about the .kelev part:

Warning: rename() failed (Permission denied) in
/home/.kelev/user/domain/application/install.php on line 261

I’ve gotten the same message regardless of what permissions I set on the file (777 per the author’s instructions AND 644 AND 755). I haven’t read much about suexec but I’m guessing that the same recommendation applies to all script-y things, not just .pl and .cgi specifically.

Offtopic question/suggestion: is there any way to do rudimentary file management through the panel? That would be a verra nice capability to add to an already awesome panel.

Have you looked at the Free perl-based FileMan from Gossamer Threads? I think it’s one of the best file managing scripts I’ve seen out on the web. Check it out at:

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Whoa! Perfect. Tx!

Now how about that ‘.kelev’ ? :slight_smile:

[quote]I’m curious about the ‘.kelev’ that appears in my paths from time to time.


You should never use that yourself to refer to a path - always use /home/username. /home/username is a symlink to /home/.blah/username.
The builtin pwd doesn’t always show the full path, but the command “pwd” (in /bin/) does:

andor% pwd
andor% type pwd
pwd is a shell builtin
andor% /bin/pwd

We use things that we call “dataglobs” internally, and each user is in a dataglob. These are simply small groupings of user home directories on our large Network Appliances filers - they serve no useful purpose, and you may well change to a different dataglob at some point (hence the suggestion not to use them anywhere you’re referencing a path).

The names come from random wordlists.

Thanks. For some reason I am charmed by the term dataglob.

It’s actually a programming term of some sort (or so I’m told). I like it too.

I am, however, a bit disturbed by your name, haggis (I’ve never had haggis, but don’t plan on trying it any time soon).

Aw, it’s not so bad, but to be honest I prefer this Haggis to this haggis. Someday I’m going to check out the music of Bad Haggis. (I have the t-shirt but not the CD. How dumb is that? :slight_smile:

(Speaking of usernames, to my everlasting regret I did not lurk long enough before registering, or I would have registered as willl – the one that asks questions instead of answering them :-). Cheers!

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I don’t think I’d try it even if I weren’t vegan…

[quote]I don’t think I’d try it even if I weren’t vegan…


I’m a meat eater AND of Scottish descent, and I think I’d have to pass as well. :>

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Wow, how’s that for serendipity!? I just had the pleasure of seeing/hearing Bad Haggis live at the British Isles Festival in Renaissance Park in Harveysburg, OH (also home of the local Renaissance Festival) – I don’t think I’ve ever heard a set of pipes rocked quite that hard before!

I’m jealous. Who’d a thunk?! Just goes to show, DH folk have class (if eclectic dietary inclinations :slight_smile:

Oh, come now, you’ve gotta try it–haggis is very tasty, and certainly beats out hotdogs for things produced from the parts of animals that most people throw away.

Come to think of it, dataglobs sound kinda tasty, too.

(Man, this got off topic rapidly…)