Install other webmail

Hi, morning. I’m a new spanish user in this forum.

I asked to dreamhost if is possible to use other webmail, not squirrel mail that is not cool. They tell me that we can install my own webmail, but I don’t know how I can do this.

Could you help me? Could you advise me about what is the better webmail server, with spanish language (or my employees wil hate me…)

Thanks by all and excuse me poor english,

This is a customer-to-customer forum. I am still using the default email server provided by DreamHost. I hope my comments will help you a bit.

Do you know that you can customize the quirremail. Log into webmail and go to options --> display preferrences --> Themes Hope there is one your employees will like.

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Thanks Patrick, yes, I knew that i can customize the squirrelmail, but i rather than other webmail, like Horde or Neomail or… And i thought that we could install it? Dreamhost staff says that this is possible but they don’t explain me how can i do it.

Thank you very much anyway.