Install MySQL on PS Web host

Hi all,

I am looking for an inexpensive backup for a site that I currently hosted on a colocated box. The site is a rails/MySQL application. I wanted to run the application and the database on the same box for cost savings reasons, since this is only an emergency backup site, I don’t expect the usage to be much at all, so I’m not worried about performance with SQL and Apache on the same server.

I ordered a PS and installed ruby, rails, and apache on it without problems. But when I tried to install MySQL on the box I got errors. I first tried to install Debian packages and those failed quickly with dependency errors. I didn’t want to screw around too much with what DreamHost has already installed on these boxes so I tried to compile from source. It compiled and installed OK, but then whenever I try to use MySQL I get errors… the executables are looking for things in paths that don’t exist. I even tried recompiling with some path options to the configure script, and I still couldn’t get it to work.

I can post the exact errors I got later tonight, but for now, is there anyone with experience installing MySQL 5 on PS-Web box? I am trying to avoid the monthly cost of an additional PS-MySQL.

Why not just use the default MySQL shared server?

I was told by the sales staff that installing MySQL and PostGreSQL was possible on the PS Web host.
I too am having problems figuring this out.
I too could sure use the help of someone experienced in these things.
I too do not want to add the cost of a MySQL shared server to run one or two databases.

Just bumping this as I’m currently thinking of doing away with MySQL PS and using a separate web PS as a MySQL server.

I’m not finding MySQL PS to be flexible enough. The configuration is too locked down, and except for the price tag, it feels like being on shared hosting (in all but name).

If anyone has installed MySQL on a web PS, I’d be interested to hear any problems or issues to be aware of…

For what it’s worth, the MySQL PS is on different hardware from the web PS, with smaller but MUCH faster hard disks. Installing MySQL on your web PS is possible, but it will give you subpar performance, and it won’t be managed (so, no automated backups, panel can’t create databases for you, etc).

That might be true Andrew, but the thing is, my MySQL PS is crawling right now (check my website if you don’t believe it). I have 1 GB of memory allocated to the MySQL server, but the innodb_buffer_pool_size is set at a pultry 8 MB!

All of my tables are innodb, some them are very big, and some of the queries are doing a lot of work. The default setting for this is 256 MB (32x DreamHost’s setting!).

There was a suggestion to increase this made in December (not from me, but at least it proves I’m not the only person to mention this).

This is from the guy that wrote MySQL Performance book:

I’ve got a huge amount of memory available when I look at the graphs on the Manage VPS Resources tab, but when I look at running queries, I’m seeing queries being copied to temp tables on disk. I’ve asked support for several configuration settings to be tweaked, but the response was that they wouldn’t/couldn’t do it(!)

The slow query log frquently shows a simple SELECT * FROM SomeSmallTable taking over a minute to run!! I’m on the verge of moving my site elsewhere, if moving MySQL to a Web PS is a bad idea, as I can’t keep the site here if it’s going to continue to perform like this.

It’s very annoying giving all this memory (and spending a lot of $$$), only for the config to be set so out of step with my requirements. It’s supposed to be a private server, yet we can’t seem to change anything on it.


As a side note, on the compare products page, it says

“VPS MySQL-Optimized Databases”

But they’re not optimised.